Putting on Clothing for your Pets May Not be Good for Them, Unless…

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Cats Are Just A Little Different… Or Maybe A Lot

How different are our domesticated cats from us humans? Read on to understand your feline friends more! This post is a continuation of my previous post: Do you Humanise your Pets? Save some Paw Sweat! Have your cats ever brought dead rodents to you or left the carcasses in your homes? Do your cats just get [...]

Stop Unsatisfactory Pet Dog Behaviour Ethically & Efficiently to Coexist Peacefully!

Ever heard of lawsuits being filed against dog owners for condoning their dogs' incessant barking? How about the fines being imposed on pet owners who refused to clear their dogs' poop from a public area, or getting into fights with others in the case of dogs pee-ing? Or have you yourself encountered situations where your [...]

Do you Humanise your Pets? Save some Paw Sweat!

Pet animals are often humanised in today’s society, especially the dog and cat species. If you treat your pets like you would do any other human being, please read on to save some paw sweat (just a fun fact: dogs really do sweat only from their paws), in other words, make your loved ones feel [...]

“Education brings about progress,” is this really the case all the time?

Discuss the claim that education guarantees progress.           As Nelson Mandela posited, education is the key to success. Education, whether formal or informal education, is the passing on of knowledge and wisdom from the more knowledgeable and wise, namely a teacher, mentor, or tutor, to the less knowledgeable, in the form [...]

Do All Laws Serve Justice?

To what extent does the law ensure justice is served? Immanuel Kant once posited, “in law a man is guilty when he violates the rights of others”. Laws today, including any legislative policy with intention to deter wrongdoings or encourage moral actions with the ultimate punishment of jail term or fines for not abiding by [...]

Should Foreign Aid Continue?

“Foreign aid is ineffective and wasteful.” Is this true? Foreign aid can be seen as the direct funding given by the more well-to-do countries to the less developed or developing countries, in the form of food and medical supplies, and most often, monetary loans in the name of charity. Nonetheless, charity in itself in the [...]