The Good and Bad of Foreign Talent

Foreign talents in Singapore can be considered the epitope of a complete society, particularly for a country with small demographics and limited talent scopes. Specifically, they include any non-Singaporeans who work white collar occupations within our geographical boundaries. On the other hand, they pose threats to the chances of employment for Singaporeans, may cause culture [...]


Through the eyes of Singaporeans…

What changes, if any, would you like to see in the people of your country? In view of the current stagnation of the Singapore economy, people’s flawed discernment of life expectations, deterioration of cultures, and the disunity of individuals in the society, it is inevitable that a group of people living in this country who [...]

A Guide To Europe For A Singaporean

Write about the difference between living in Singapore and European countries based on your travel experience. Ever wondered how it would be like to travel thousands of miles away from home for a vacation? To many of us Asians, not to mention the Singaporeans, who mostly have habits of travelling out of the small and [...]