We Need Religion… A Proper One

Is there a more urgent need for religion in today’s world?

In view of the rise of globalisation, countless studies have shown the increasing worldwide trends of criminality against oneself, against the community, and against the world. Self-harm and suicide rates have risen over the years, mass acts of immorality have been intensified in the century, and extremism has been increasingly expressed in various profound ways. Nonetheless, the panacea to these problems may just be for everyone to embrace a well-established religion, which can be the faithful pursuit of or the worship of an abstract being with controlling powers, especially a God or gods.

Embracing religion can allow communities to curb well with the growing numbers of potentially depressive or psychologically dysfunctional individuals, improving people’s mental health in the process. A study that was conducted in a Danish community from year 2000 to 2006 showed that the frequency of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) being experienced by individuals increased more than twofold in merely six years. Along with that, suicide.org had claimed that global suicide rates had risen by 60% in the last 45 years. This is a major cause for concern, as it seems that the mental health of individuals are deteriorating fast in an economically advancing world. There is no good logical reasoning in obtaining more material welfare when the spiritual welfare of the world is at stake. Nevertheless, since religion involves the robust growth of spiritual lives, it can be the foundation of mankind’s spiritual welfare, and a plausible solution to look into. Based on a ten-year prospective study, it was shown that people who claimed that religion was of paramount importance in their lives were four times less likely to experience MDD in the next 10 years as compared to other participants of the study. If religion were to be accepted and well read about by people, it is likely that many would come to terms with the true value of religion in their spirituality and live psychologically healthier lives than before.

To incorporate religion into lives is to impart a genuine sense of morals into potential immoral wrongdoers or criminals, which have been increasing in numbers since the 20th century. Everyone has his or her own perceptions of right and wrong behaviours. However, not everyone has the correct comprehension of what is morally right and wrong. In Black Belt Patriotism, Chuck Norris speaks about the panacea to all the problems of the world to be bringing God into the people’s lives. Everyone is striving towards what they believe is right, but may not have the ethically right believe in the first place, which causes all the immoral happenings around the world. To dedicate one’s life to a religion is to have a proper set of universally moral rules set for that person to strive towards instead of following erroneous beliefs. For instance, mass murderer – Anders Breivik was the main person involved in the 2011 Norway attacks, which took the lives of 77 people. Mass murders as such have been on the rise over the decades, with just one to two per decade in the 20th century till 1980s, but increasing to 9 in the eighties, 11 in the nineties, and people started counting by the annum instead of decade in the 21st century. This is a clear sign that people are having greater misconceptions of morality or have increasingly flawed senses of ethics in the modern world than before. Hence, the world is urgently in need of a reformation of the exposure of beliefs to its citizens if global security and morality is its desire.

On the other hand, some may believe that religion may bring about more deaths than there already is in the world today due to the increasing pervasiveness of religious terrorism. Deaths from terrorism increased 80% from year 2013 to 2014 to the highest level in recorded history. In a globalised world where the Internet is easily accessible to anyone with a smart device globally, extreme ideology can be easily spread from one part of the world to anywhere and everywhere else. For instance, Irhaby 007 was an online hacking expert who delivered information to other Jihadis through special encryption messages online, and held online seminars for netizens to learn more about hacking for the purpose of terrorism. However, majority of netizens would at least have seen a single Jihad propaganda video or post in their lifetimes, and would have known the immorality behind them. As accounted by worldwide statistics, there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, of which, only 120 thousand are involved in Al-qaeda or Taliban extremism activities. Religion is not the main source of the problem of deaths by terrorism. Religion is not the evil one. Rather, the main source of evil is the immoral side of human nature. Osama Bin Laden motivated fighters of Al-qaeda through religious sayings from Islam, but contradictorily, Islam teaches tolerance and peace, and not hatred. The teachings of Islam are the complete opposite of what the Jihadists are claiming. As people pursue the correct form of religion, they are likely to realise the corruption of religious extremism and live their lives ethically as compared to before. Religion is not the problem, but rather the panacea to the problem experienced in our world today.

All in all, it is imperative for religion to be embraced in the world today, for the positive change in the current trend of the degeneration of mental health, the decay of morality, and the adulteration of religion. Genuine understanding and belief in a well-established religion, which is widely accepted as ethical, can bring about positivity in the depressed, a sense of morality in the immoral, and a realisation of the truth about religion in the confused and led-astray.


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