We Need The Arts

‘The mark of a vibrant society is measured by its investment in the arts.’ Do you agree?

        Imagine a world where all sectors are science-based, where everyone are learning the same knowledge, where humans are expected to not harbour any emotions in daily life but solely logic. How would that feel? Will you even feel spurred to feel any emotions at all? As stated by a passionate modern day artist – Alev Ogus, “Art is the journey of a free soul”. Certainly, the absence of the arts in the world can cause the decay of human emotions and spirituality, and eventually the failure of mankind’s physical health. Nonetheless, the arts has the characteristics of imagination, creativity, and social life. As individuals start to pursue more of the arts, society will eventually realise its increase in vibrancy. To fund the arts is to bring up the level of vibrancy in a society, through the augmentation of life’s spiritual purposes, and physical energy and brightness of people in society. People in a vibrant society are likely to be livelier, more vigorous and cheerful, which is highly interlinked with the effects of people pursuing the arts.

         To start with, some may believe that the arts are relatively unimportant as compared to the sciences, which tap on the intellectual and practical side of the human mind for the advancement of the economy and subsequently the society. However, the sciences can be restricting to the expression of individual emotions and thoughts, as there is a system to almost everything one does. The sciences can be described as systematic studies through observation and experimentation to make an organised body of knowledge. As such, only the pragmatic side of people’s minds are being satisfied, and not the emotional side. Satisfying the emotional sides of people are likely to have a longer lasting effect than solely the practical sides. For instance, studies have shown that public speakers enhance their speeches through the use of emotions and attachments in their words to the audiences. This enhancement leads to majority of the audience remembering the speech well through what they felt from listening to the speech. Respectively, people are also able to remember their achievements in life better through emotions, where the arts are associated to, leading to more meaningful, energised, happier and clearer lives than before.

         To put money and effort into the betterment of the arts is to enhance the sense of life’s purposes in the spirits of people for the vibrancy of society. Rapidity and rhythmic flow can be a result of pursuing arts; they can be described as the quality of swiftness and motion; specifically the quality of human spirits in this case. For example, music teaches and spurs people to feel emotionally and spiritually. When one is able to sink into the music he is playing or listening to, he is likely to feel that his heart beats in harmony with the rhythm of the music, where music excites his mind and being to sync swiftly into the same or similar movement of the melody or sounds. This is where life’s purposes are being enhanced by the amplification of one’s spirituality. As people become more purpose driven in their lives, they tend to become more vigorous with their daily activities, causing their lives to become enriched with meaning, and leading to a more vibrant society than before. Therefore, the level of societal vibrancy depends on the amount of focus put into the arts.

        To invest in the arts is to improve societal vibrancy by generating spiritual and subsequently physical energy in people. Having more energised people can mean having more people who are strengthened to live their everyday lives and go through their daily activities with more power in them. Since the arts allow for imagination and creativity, people are allowed the freedom of expression when they pursue the arts, like literature, visual arts, dance, and other subjects of study concerned with human creativity and social life. For instance, people using their physical bodies to create artistic motions like dancing or ice skating, can choose the style of their movements, the way they would like to portray themselves and they way they would like to feel themselves on their dancing feet. More specifically, an ice skater can choose whether she prefers to do a lunge or a spiral at a particular point in the music; both of which requires the ice skater to stretch a leg behind, but both of which are unlike in appearance to each other. Encouraging freedom of expression can lead to the motivation of people in pursuing the artistic side of life, as freedom of expression can be compared closely to having a freed soul. If so, funding in the artistic side of society can encourage people to pursue more of the arts, so as to free themselves from life’s tiring bondages. When people feel that they are freed, they are likely to feel energised in their minds and bodies in their daily lives. People could become more productive in their everyday activities, and the standard of living in the society is likely to rise. As a result, the society becomes more vibrant because of the presence of energy-filled individuals.

         To support the arts through funding is to intensify the brightness in people of the society in different ways for the heightening of vibrancy in the society. Brightness can be described as the quality of being cheerful, lively, and spiritually clear in the mind and body. For instance, the painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is still causing people to be intrigued even though it was painted hundreds of years ago in the Renaissance period; as many as 9 million people visited the Lourve Museum where the Mona Lisa portrait is being kept in the year 2014. This is because the painting opens people to creativity in interpreting the various possible meanings behind her enigmatic smile, her foreign eyes, and the natural background of waters and high mountains in the portrait. It emboldens individuals to imagine the perspective of someone foreign to them and analyse their imaginations. In paintings as such, people may be able to see the fun in the human minds and even the magnificence of nature, causing them to be convivial in their hearts, and yet, know of the big picture of reality and the world in the back of their minds. By spending more on the production of such artworks, be it painting, music, poetry or even architecture designs, people will be given more opportunities to think, to be creative, halcyon and psychologically clear in their thoughts and actions. After some time of pursuing the arts, people will know more about the world, whether positive or negative, and attain a sense of individuality through participating in them. As these individuals saturate the society, level of vibrancy in the society is likely to increase.

         All in all, the arts alone can improve the vibrancy of society, but sciences alone cannot. Supporting the arts is like supporting vibrancy of mankind, which is the living and not solely survival aspect of people in the world today. If people want to live, the goal should be societal vibrancy, and the road to take should be the journey of the arts.


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