Integrity & Nobility Crowning the End for The Duchess Of Malfi (Literary Analysis)

‘Integrity of life is fame’s best friend, Which nobly, beyond death, shall crown the end.’ Webster concludes the play with this couplet.  Where, if at all, are integrity and nobility to be found in The Duchess of Malfi? The given quote that concludes the play is a reference to the Duchess's virtuosity, which helps her [...]

Literary Analysis of Corruption in The Duchess Of Malfi (by John Webster)

‘... a prince’s court Is like a common fountain, whence should flow Pure silver drops in general, but if’t chance Some cursed example poison’t near the head, Death and diseases through the whole land spread.’ In the light of this comment, discuss the presentation of corruption in The Duchess of Malfi. Corruption in The Duchess [...]

Literary Analysis of Ambition in The Duchess Of Malfi (by John Webster)

“Ambition, Madam, is a great man’s madness.” (Act I) In the light of this comment, discuss the presentation of worldly ambition in Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi. Webster implies through The Duchess Of Malfi (TDOM) that worldly ambitions in the form of monetary desires is a type of evil and madness, in the form of [...]

John Webster Designed The Duchess Of Malfi as a Tragic Heroine Before Her Time in the Jacobean Period

The traits that Webster uses the Duchess to exemplify feminine strength of greatness and virtuosity, do indeed make her a heroine in the modern audience's eyes, instilling in the audience respect and empathy for the Duchess. Webster, however, makes these very same traits contribute to the Duchess’s eventual downfall, which paints the Duchess as a [...]

Cats Are Just A Little Different… Or Maybe A Lot

How different are our domesticated cats from us humans? Read on to understand your feline friends more! This post is a continuation of my previous post: Do you Humanise your Pets? Save some Paw Sweat! Have your cats ever brought dead rodents to you or left the carcasses in your homes? Do your cats just get [...]

Stop Unsatisfactory Pet Dog Behaviour Ethically & Efficiently to Coexist Peacefully!

Ever heard of lawsuits being filed against dog owners for condoning their dogs' incessant barking? How about the fines being imposed on pet owners who refused to clear their dogs' poop from a public area, or getting into fights with others in the case of dogs pee-ing? Or have you yourself encountered situations where your [...]

Do you Humanise your Pets? Save some Paw Sweat!

Pet animals are often humanised in today’s society, especially the dog and cat species. If you treat your pets like you would do any other human being, please read on to save some paw sweat (just a fun fact: dogs really do sweat only from their paws), in other words, make your loved ones feel [...]